Declare Health

Lose weight without
giving up the foods
you love.

Declare is your personalized program to lose weight, get fit, and feel energized for good.

Why Declare Health?

Program based on your behavioral patterns

A program catered to your individual goals.

Goes at a pace that’s comfortable to you

Adjusts to your behaviors, goals, activity – acts as your personal trainer.

Focuses on life-long results

Helps you see big results from small but consistent changes. You won’t be counting calories forever.

Declare Health Philosophy

Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re not going to throw you into the ocean and see if you can swim – we’ll be here to guide give you tangible solutions to help you stay on track.

This isn’t about losing weight quickly, its about losing weight, keeping it off, and staying healthy.

Use Science And Habit Formation To
Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Your personalized program to lose weight, get fit and
stay healthy one step at a time.

Declare is a system that...

you in

Supports you and tries to accommodate your lifestyle habits that you are not ready to change.
Promotes a positive body image rather than a stereotypical model-esque strive for perfection.
Help you achieve the best results without breaking your boundaries and habits.
Recognizes human desire to strive for continuous improvement and encourages healthy behaviors.

Dieting is not about deprivation

Many people think that in order to lose weight, get fit, and feel healthy, they have to deprive themselves of the foods they like. Or, even worse, spend weeks on end with hunger pangs in their stomach, dreaming about all the foods they’ll eat once they reach their goal. But studies show that approaching dieting with small but highly effective steps – micro behaviors – is much more effective. Losing weight and keeping it off is a journey that can be accomplished by making simple changes to your day to day habits.

Easily track what you eat

Your personalized program to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy one step at a time.
Barcode Scanner
Dietitian verified
Water Tracker

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Health and wellness is not just about “going on a diet” or “exercising more” or “making a big sacrifice today.” This is about developing healthy habits that help you feel good each day and build life-long results.

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Your personalized program to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy one step at a time.
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Our personalized water and calorie tracking model gives more granular control for your unique body type. More personalized than anything else in the market.

“This isn’t just an app, its a weightloss system that is customized for your personal plan.”