About Declare Health

Declare is the first diet program to analyze your specific needs and habits and guide you on a weight loss journey that’s personalized to you. Do you tend to eat more on the weekends? Don’t like to exercise all that much? Don’t want to give up the foods you love? Need some help and advice when you get the urge to break your diet?
No problem. Declare accounts for that.

The Declare Program is Simple And Effective

Use Declare to set your goals such as what you want to weigh and by when. Declare will automatically figure out the best path for you. Use the Declare App to Track What You Eat, staying within the calorie guidelines, and completing simple tasks that help build healthy habits Track your progress and supercharge your journey with expert tips and guidance.
Declare is with you every step of the way.

Program Promise

Declare works in 3 ways.
Small Changes Have Big Impacts
Rather than restrictive dieting, Declare focuses on helping you make small changes to your daily habits. Each little action you take compounds over time to deliver impactful lifelong results.
Uniquely You
Every person is different so why should their weight loss regimen be the same? Declare gives you a personalized regimen based on your unique situation, preferences, and habits.
Everybody Needs Somebody
Declare is your companion to help you stay motivated and engaged. Your AI-based personal coach will give you tips and tricks along the way

Use Science And Habit Formation To
Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Your personalized program to lose weight, get fit and
stay healthy one step at a time.

Coming Soon

Our personalized water and calorie tracking model gives more granular control for your unique body type. More personalized than anything else in the market.

“This isn’t just an app, its a weightloss system that is customized for your personal plan.”

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